CRM (Post Sales)

Customer service request handling, SLA management with workflow and IVR integration.

Cloud based CRM solution

Credo CRM is a feature rich Software as a Service solution for industries.

Task to Expertise Mapping

Assignment rules define and link requests and tasks to the experts automatically.

SLA management

SLA tracking through application engine escalates the issue to next level for superior customer service.

SMS, Email, IVR and Call centre integration

Automated IVR and call centre with CRM helps customer to communicate orders, issues and feedbacks quickly and gets notification over SMS and Email.

 CreMedia (Digital Signage)

Cloud based digital signage and in-store media streaming solution for uniform messaging across all outlets/locations.

GUI based Central Console for multiple store management

Multiple Screens can be controlled from one portal and marketing material can be published as per user defined time schedule for different screens.

Image Playlist, Live feeds, Ticker and scrolling text

Credo CreMedia can help you send uniform communication, key messages and images. It supports Full HD resolution, different videos formats and interactive contents .

Live Feeds, weather and social media integration

Can show clock, weather of different locations, Youtube / Twitter / Instagram feeds can be displayed directly from the social media network.

User customizable screen layouts

Console user can define the screens into different zone as per requirements or can use pre-defined templates.

Sales Force Automation

Android based SFA tool with geo-fencing based beat-route tracking, order processing, sales and stock management features.

Real Time Sales and Stock Tracking

Counter Sales & stock capture. Simple & easy GUI helps users to work seamlessly using any smartphone or template.

Beat Planning and Management

Workflow based beat plan tracking for field officers. Geo Location based tracking system.

Order Management

Online/Offline order processing system. Simple and easy to use UI interface for user who are less IT savvy.

Counter Hygiene

Geo-Fencing based counter hygiene and employee attendance. All employees will post counter pics on Server.

 Credo Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence software to measure customer flows, buying patterns gives People count, Gender and Age (range) with more than 90% accuracy. Real time customer footfall tracker.
Customer gender tracking solution on facial recognition technology. Slicing the customer footfall into Female and Male; Kids, Adults and Senior based on a predefined age criteria.

Face recognition system

A face recognition and counting system superior than thermal or overhead counting system which avoid duplication of counting & results are accurate.

High Accuracy

Accurately counts every customer entering and existing a business space with more than 90% accuracy.

Integration with POS and ERP solutions

Output can be integrated with most ERP and Point of Sale (POS) platforms to create very interesting reports including - sales conversion, marketing efficacy reports, etc.

Modern Cutting edge technology

Customer intelligence solution uses, Deep Learning & Neural based technology used for facial recognitions.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System is a web based application that allows organizations to provide the target beneficiaries with informational content and educational resources. It is an effective and responsive way for industry experts and trainers to create, deliver, and manage their content, as well as monitor participation and assess performance among learners.

Consistency of Training

Training and course delivery via an LMS is consistent since it is centralized It delivers a consistent training and learning quality to all Students by supplying a single source for content, course materials and instructions.

Meet Regulatory Compliance

A Learing Management System significantly improves on the learning rates of Students, managers, and executives. The more reliable and relevant knowledge and skills these people acquire, the more productive and profitable the organization as a whole can be.

Tracking &Reporting

LMSs allow the company or organization to easily generate training reports on an overall or user level basis. By utilizing an LMS for eLearning courses and/or online training, you can easily track goal progress, knowledge gains, ROI, and more.

Cost Saving

Training and teaching via an LMS reduces Student Travel, optimize training expenditure and usage, and minimizes facilities and instructors to pay. From the cost savings aspect, an LMS is a no-brainer.

Omni Solution

Omni Business Solutions is committed to obtaining the latest point-of-sale technology. We can help you create customized solutions to improve payment transactions and barcode scanning efficiency.

Offline Billing with payment options

This intuitive Retail POS app makes purchasing, inventory, payments, expenses and customer management easy, alongside billing and invoicing. Designed to handle time and billing tracking of customer’s/commercial document.

Centralized customer management

Bringing together your customer service operations in one central place can have many benefits.

Multiple payment Options

Embrace the rising demand for alternative payment methods by cash, credit card, Net Banking etc. which helps you to increase your sales.

An easy-to-use checkout

Your checkout page is where window shopper's become paying customers by multiple check out options allows users to pay with easy check out options like credit cards, PayPal, or a coupon without requiring an account can checkout as guest with secure easy mode.